Power Limited - OverviewNishat Chunian Power Limited (NCPL) is a public limited company established in 2007, as a power generation project commissioned under the 2002 Power Policy of GOP. It has a 25 year agreement with Central Power Purchasing Agency (Gurantee) Limited (CPPA). The plant started its commercial operations in July 2010.

Turnover of NCPL for FY 2023 is recorded at PKR 18.221 billion while net profit is recorded at PKR 3.957 billion.

The company is an active member of Independent Power Producer Association (IPPA) and is listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (www.psx.com.pk).


Power Limited - TechnologyThe project is a 200 MWh (Gross ISO) RFO fired Reciprocating Engine Technology combined cycle power plant. Net output of the project is 195.722 MWh. The main plant components are 11 engine sets of type 18V46 manufactured by WARTSILA Finland, 1 heat recovery steam turbine and alternator sets manufactured by Converteam and ABB. The primary fuel of the plant is Residual Furnace Oil (RFO).

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Gross Capacity 200.00 MWh
Net Capacity 195.722 MWh
Engines 11
Steam Turbine 1
Gross Capacity – Engine 16.9 MW
Gross Capacity – Steam Turbine 14.0 MW
Engine Type W18V46C
Generator Type Converteam/ABB
Rated Voltage – Generator 15kV
Primary Fuel Residual Furnace Oil
Backup Fuel High Speed Diesel